9. Fintech services

I help you obtain licences from the Bank of Lithuania. I will explain the types of licences and the requirements for each licence.


An expert opinion is a written document that provides a professional’s detailed opinion on a particular issue or aspect of a client’s business. An expert opinion is prepared exclusively for the client in order to minimise the risk of a breach of the law during the implementation of a transaction or project and to fully understand the next steps. The commissioning of an expert opinion allows an independent financial expert opinion to be obtained on a non-standard issue and to determine whether the planned financial action is appropriate and lawful in the particular jurisdiction under consideration.


  • Where there is a need to understand what authorisations/licences are required to carry out the chosen activity
  • In the case of electronic money institution activities
  • For payment institution activities
  • Activities of a crowdfunding operator
  • Activities of a foreign exchange operator
  • Launching a cryptocurrency project: cryptocurrency exchange
  • acting as a Forex broker or Forex trader
  • In the case of financial transactions, for the purpose of assessing legal risks
  • In international securities transactions
  • For investment transactions
  • Due diligence for investment transactions abroad
  • Launching an ICO/STO

When you request an expert opinion, you are guaranteed to receive a detailed analysis and an objective opinion from a qualified professional that you can rely on in the future.

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