My services

Services I can help you with

I work in a way that means you don’t have to worry about bookkeeping and can focus your attention and energy on growing your business. Guidance and advice that contributes to the success and profit of your business.

1. Consultations

1.1. For those who want to start their own business
1.2 For small, medium and large businesses
1.3 For accountants
1.4 Individuals

2. Tax planning and optimisation

2.1. For start-ups
2.2. For small, medium and large businesses
2.3. for private individuals in the case of property sales, gifts, inheritance, etc.

3. Establishment, restructuring, liquidation of companies

3.1. Establishment
3.2. Conversion
3.3 Liquidation

4. Changing company data

4.1. Amendment of the Statutes, Regulations
4.2 Registration of changes in the authorised capital
4.3 Registration of new shareholders (founders, members)

5. Ordering a VAT code

5.1. Voluntary registration
5.2 Compulsory registration

6. Bookkeeping

6.1. Accounting for small and medium-sized enterprises
6.2. Accountancy service for medium and large enterprises

7. Declaring personal income

8. Audit (inspection)

9. Fintech services

9.1. Licences

9.2. AML/KYC Procedures Schedules

9.3 Legal opinion documents