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My mission is to help you navigate confusing tax laws and earn more.

High-quality accounting services, tax and accounting advice at all stages of your business, tax optimisation and the insights of an experienced accountant will give you a clearer vision of your business and help you to avoid mistakes that can cost tens of thousands of dollars, but it’s too late to make changes.

It’s most valuable to start our cooperation before you start your business. I can help you choose the business form that best suits your needs, explain future taxes, send you templates and set up your company.

If you’ve been in business for a long time and think you might be paying more tax than necessary? Contact me for an assessment and recommendations on how to optimise your taxes. I will advise you on how to take advantage of tax incentives and other beneficial opportunities allowed by law.

With three decades of experience as a finance manager, I can take a holistic view of situations and find optimal solutions.

Tomas Kasperauskas:

She is a high-class professional, an expert in her field. We are delighted to have found her and look forward to a long collaboration.

about me

Hi, I'm Daiva, a tax, accounting and finance expert

I am an expert in my field, with almost three decades of experience as a finance manager in various companies, having started in 1995. I went into the most difficult jobs that nobody wanted to do, in companies with derelict accounts, because they paid higher salaries.

Over the years in finance and accounting, my strengths – analytical thinking, ability to prioritise, demanding and striving for the best result – have helped me to build a reputation for excellence. The companies I have represented have always received excellent evaluations during inspections and private audits by the Internal Revenue Service and Sodra. My ability to see the whole picture has helped me to rationalise accounting systems and contribute to improving company processes. Financial analysis has helped the management of institutions to take many strategic decisions.
“We haven’t had such a good chief financial officer in 20 years” was a common assessment I heard from company managers.

In addition to my work, I have been providing accounting services in my spare time since 2005, because I was a single mother and my son and I needed everything, from a mortgage and utilities, to a car and maintenance, to nice clothes and entertainment, and I needed to be able to do it all alone.

I have worked long and hard and have gained a wide range of experiences that I am happy to share with you now. I have chosen to run my own business and now I can dedicate all my time to you.

I will help you plan your business and understand the intricacies of the Lithuanian tax system. I will provide confidential and professional advice on tax, finance and accounting issues at all stages of your business, from start-up to liquidation.

I believe that my knowledge, experience and skills will create lasting value for you.

why me?

Why entrust your bookkeeping to a professional?

You will avoid mistakes

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My services

Services I can help you with

I work in a way that means you don’t have to worry about bookkeeping and can focus your attention and energy on growing your business. Guidance and advice that contributes to the success and profit of your business.

1. Consultations

1.1. For those who want to start their own business
1.2 For small, medium and large businesses
1.3 For accountants
1.4 Individuals

2. Tax planning and optimisation

2.1. For start-ups
2.2. For small, medium and large businesses
2.3. for private individuals in the case of property sales, gifts, inheritance, etc.

3. Establishment, restructuring, liquidation of companies

3.1. Establishment
3.2. Conversion
3.3 Liquidation

4. Changing company data

4.1. Amendment of the Statutes, Regulations
4.2 Registration of changes in the authorised capital
4.3 Registration of new shareholders (founders, members)

5. Ordering a VAT code

5.1. Voluntary registration
5.2 Compulsory registration

6. Bookkeeping

6.1. Accounting for small and medium-sized enterprises
6.2. Accountancy service for medium and large enterprises

7. Declaring personal income

8. Audit (inspection)

9. Fintech services

9.1. Licences

9.2. AML/KYC Procedures Schedules

9.3 Legal opinion documents


What clients think of my services

Don’t just take my word for it – here’s how my past and present clients for whom I’ve provided bookkeeping services speak about me.

Thanks a lot for a detail consultation and answered questions.




We use Daiva’s accounting services for our MB company. High professionalism, pleasant communication, speed, responsibility. We recommend this accounting and financial expert.



We use Daiva’s accounting services for our MB company. High professionalism, pleasant communication, speed, responsibility. We recommend this accounting and financial expert.



Very professional and pleasant communication. I look forward to our long-term cooperation. I recommend!

Roman Lu

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